History of Naural Collagen

November 25, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

Collagen PLATINUM, hypoallergenic gel and it is recommended primarily for the most delicate skin for cosmetics or the whole face (including the eyes) and neck and other sensitive body parts. Natural Collagen eliminates signs of aging skin: vascular lesions such as extended dishes, “spiders”, over cheeks, Rosaceous and redness, and all kinds of pigment changes: discoloration, freckles, and senile spots after sun. Using the formulation the skin is firmer, more flexible, to reduce enlarged pores, wrinkles or scars are smoothed out.

Collagen Silver is recommended primarily for whole-body care treatments It is for therapeutic massage and leveling wrinkles, and depilation, solarium, peeling. It is excellent for all skin home treatments and joints. It is great for at home treatments for people using corrective exercises or fitness. In people with a deficit of connective tissue with weak ligaments in the ankles and knee joints increases movable joints and reducing pain.

Collagen Graphite is recommended for the care and regeneration of nails, hair, feet, joints and cures for dandruff, psoriasis, alopecia, burns,  swellings, wounds, bites, stings, cracking heels, fingers.

Tonic. It is a gentle and non alcohol tonic for use on the face. Suggested use with the collagen treatment as well as during skin manipulation care. Through its special formula, it efficiently removes make up remains and other cosmetic specimens. Leaving a thin film on the top of your skin, it intensively moisturizes the epidermis for a long term. Tonic lessens the irritation and balances the pH of the skin. It leaves the feeling of freshness and comfort. Tonic leaves a pleasant scent.

Peeling  – it gives a very gentle peel. Efficiently removes dead skin and unblocks pores through which prepares skin for further epidermis manipulation. Peeling improves absorption of active substances from cosmetic specimens increasing efficiency of their activity. It assures an excellent massage, improves micro circulation of the skin and regeneration processes. Peeling levels the skin color and favorably impacts its firmness and softness.

Collagen Gel Cleanser is designed for all skin types, even for sensitive skin, tired, waiting to improve firmness and freshness. The unique composition provides a cosmetic skin proper nutrition and hydration, and especially composed for the band very mild cleaning substances prevent irritation, making treatment lotion comfortable.

Collagen Serum Slimming is a kind of super-balm flavor and color of cappuccino.  Dermo-cosmetic is created to fight cellulite, aesthetic defect, which spends awake at night many womenWhile maintaining a delicate, velvety texture serum, obtained specific, which proved to be a powerful enemy of cellulite.

Moisturizing Cream. Revitalizing and moisturizing intensive day cream. Suggested use with the collagen treatment. Lowers the tension on your skin raised after the use of collagen. It increases efficiency of collagen treatment and also it enhances the use of collagen alone. Day cream supplies many vegetable nutrients which help to provide healthy look to the skin. It assures deep regeneration. Day cream gives the skin incredible firmness and elasticity as well as restoring a youthful vitality.

Regenerating Cream. Intensive anti wrinkle night cream. Suggested use with the collagen treatment. Lowers the tension on your skin raised after the use of collagen. It increases efficiency of collagen treatment and also it enhances the use of collagen alone. Night Cream stimulates the production process of skin components that favorably influence firmness and elasticity. Successfully diminishes small wrinkles and minimizes deep wrinkles. Intensively moisturizes as well as speeds up the regeneration of the skin. Night Cream gives the skin a soft and delicate touch.

Colvita – supplement of diet and nutria cosmetic in capsules. Unique in the world complex of freeze dried pure tropocollagen obtained from fish skin, algae extract, and vitamin E. Helps the skin inside, making it smooth, elastic and silky, moisturizing the deeper layers of skin. Used regularly slows the aging of tissues. Greatly improves the condition of the skin, hair, nails. It regenerates the structure of connective tissue proper, cartilage, bone, collagen structures of the eye and hair. It is recommended for rehabilitation after mechanical injuries of the locomotors organs and joints.