Collagen Platinum 100ml

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Colway ® Company is the exclusive distributor of Natural Collagen, unique on a global collagen gel made of precious skin of the freshwater fish, in Poland. Not only does natural collagen fight with the effects of aging, but first of all with the causes – it stimulates the cells to produce body collagen.

Collagen Platinum is a cosmetic in gel form with a high collagen concentration recommended for face, neck, and other delicate areas. It shows incredible regeneration properties. After just a few applications skin looks as if it has been lifted. It becomes smooth, moisture levels are improved as well as tension and elasticity. Making wrinkles shallower and preventing new ones from appearing.

Price: 50ml – $77;     100ml – $116;     200ml – $166


The effects of applying collagen are visible after just a few days:

  • Deeply moisturized and firmed skin
  • Slowed down skin aging process
  • Skin regeneration and visible rejuvenation
  • Smoothened wrinkles and prevention of new ones
  • Help in curing skin with juvenile acne and acne rosacea
  • Help in curing skin prone to allergies
  • Smoothening wrinkles
  • Helps as treatment after sunburn



When using Natural Collagen for skin care, for best results apply to well-washed, moist skin and massage for a few minutes, repeating this process 1-2 times daily. It should not be applied together with cosmetics whose pH level is less than 3 and greater than 9, as well as those cosmetics containing zinc. The minimum time between the application of Natural Collagen and the application of the above-mentioned cosmetics should be a minimum of 15 minutes. (Note: Mineral Make-up contains Zinc)

Collagen Platinum is recommended mainly for face, neckline and other delicate body parts treatment. It is effective in revitalising treatment of mature, non-invasive face lifting, after plastic surgery operations. It can also be used after mechanical skin cleaning, sunbathing and as mask and make-up foundation.
Absorbed transdermally to epidermis extracellular space. Due to its hydrophilic character the skin surfaces destined for collagen application need deep moistening. If there are significant collagen natural deficits or integuments are flaccid, additional massage with one’s favorite cream is recommended

Please remember: Natural collagen needs to be kept in a temperature range between 41-78F.

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